Home Pokemon Go News *STARLY* Top Tips – Community Day 2022 | Pokémon GO

*STARLY* Top Tips – Community Day 2022 | Pokémon GO

*STARLY* Top Tips – Community Day 2022 | Pokémon GO

July 2022 Pokémon GO community day is Shiny Starly! BUT don’t overlook this seemingly unimportant shiny Community Day because…. The bonus includes 3x Catch XP Bonus that can go to 4x!! Staravia raids to extend community day up to 8 hours… Let’s get you ready with my top tips to max out on this shiny!

Shiny Starly Comm Day Details:
– Shiny Starly in pokemon go
– Shiny Staravia in pokemon go
– Shiny Staraptor in pokemon go
– Staravia Raids for extended play
– 3x Catch XP bonus in pokemon go
– 4x Catch XP Group Bonus
– 3 Hour community day play time
– Staraptor with Gust – for go battle league – great league, ultra league, master league rankings
– 3 hour incense duration
– 3 hour lure modules
– Increased XL Candy
– 2x Catch Candy

0:00 Intro
0:45 Event Details
2:05 Bonus Raids
3:05 Ball & Item Prep
4:57 Megas to Use
5:50 IVs to find

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