Home Pokemon Go News purifiedZ vs. Jonkus – Who will win? I Pokemon GO YOUTUBER PVP CHAMPIONSHIP 2022

purifiedZ vs. Jonkus – Who will win? I Pokemon GO YOUTUBER PVP CHAMPIONSHIP 2022

purifiedZ vs. Jonkus – Who will win? I Pokemon GO YOUTUBER PVP CHAMPIONSHIP 2022

In the second round of the Pokemon Go Youtuber PVP Championship purifiedZ faces @JonkusPKMN ! The matches were epic and super close but only one trainer comes out of this blood bath victorious! Make sure to check out Jonkus Pokemon Go Creator for amazing content!

I hope you enjoy these Pokemon GO PVP Battles in Great League while Season 11 is on hold.

The Line Up of this GO Battle Great League Championship:
PokeDaxi – https://youtube.com/c/PokéDaxi
DanOttawa – https://youtube.com/c/DanOttawaPOGO/
Jonkus – https://youtube.com/c/JonkusPKMN
DanielZNyiri – https://youtube.com/c/danielZnyiri
Count Jinsula – https://youtube.com/c/CountJinsulaOfficial
Purple Kyogre – https://youtube.com/c/PurpleKyogre
Thotectical – https://youtube.com/c/ThoTechtical
Casual Coops – https://youtube.com/c/CasualCoops
RyanSwag – https://youtube.com/c/SwagTips
R2theOldy – https://youtube.com/channel/UCCZmICr6kvIajkrb_9792IQ

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