Home Pokemon Go News Pokemon GO UPDATE – “VAPOREON NERF!” (Pokemon GO News)

Pokemon GO UPDATE – “VAPOREON NERF!” (Pokemon GO News)

Pokemon GO UPDATE – “VAPOREON NERF!” (Pokemon GO News)

Niantic recently added an update to Pokemon GO which has changed many things in the game.
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Hey all. Recently, Niantic has changed some things to do with Pokemon GO and added in some new stuff. There were some changes to do with nests and movesets along with damage per second and avatar customisation. There has also been a change in menus, allowing Pokemon to be easily transferred in less time without scrolling. Bug fixes were also released along with some new features.

Vaporeon’s moveset was also affected. The moves “Water Gun” and “Aqua Tail”, Vaporeon’s best moveset was nerfed, which means that Vaporeon is not as strong as it used to be.

Enjoy the quick summary on the Pokemon GO update and tune in next time for a brand new video :33333333333


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