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Pokemon GO News! Pokemon GO MEGA EVOLUTIONS!

Pokemon GO News! Pokemon GO MEGA EVOLUTIONS!

Pokemon Go News is back at it again! This time with the new Mega Evolved Pokemon! Will Pokemon GO introduce these Pokemon into their game.

In this video I talk about how Pokemon GO could introduce Mega Evolution inside the game. My overall opinion is that they should defiantly introduce them as soon as the game is released. I feel that ever since Mega Evolution was introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y that it brought a whole more aggressive and different aspect on Pokemon as a whole!

I do not want Niantic / Nintendo/ GAME FREAK to include Mega Stone as Micro Transaction in the game. This will defiantly make the game “Pay to Win” and that’s how most free games on the app store / Google Play Store are.

I do see them incorporating them inside the game free of charge but with a challenge to go out into the real world and search for the Mega Stones in Pokemon GO. As you go along side with a Pokemon that has a Mega Evolutions and the more you stick with that Pokemon the more of a chance you will encounter that Mega Stone for that Pokemon so that it can evolve in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO is a mobile game that allows you to travel the world and search, battle, and trade Pokemon with other trainers in the real World. Pokemon GO does not have any game play at the moment. But will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store soon to come!

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