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Pokémon GO Dev Insights: GO Battle League

Pokémon GO Dev Insights: GO Battle League

Trainers, here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the thinking behind one of our coming features: GO Battle League! Battling has been a core part of the Pokémon universe since the very beginning. We’re excited to announce the development of a feature that will build upon the current form of player vs. player battling that exists within Pokémon GO. This feature will be called GO Battle League.

As with all Pokémon GO features, GO Battle League will follow design values such as a focus on exercise: you’ll be able to walk in order to earn entry into the GO Battle League. Trainers can then battle opponents from around the globe and rise in the ranks of the league. We hope this feature will make the Pokémon GO battling experience more competitive and accessible to more Trainers.

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