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How Does The NEW Gym System/Raids Work In Pokémon GO | DansTube.TV

How Does The NEW Gym System/Raids Work In Pokémon GO | DansTube.TV

Pokemon GO has gone through a massive gym revamp. Niantic have changed how gyms function and here is a list of the changes that have occurred during this update.

– You get 1 Coin per hour that your pokemon is in a Gym, delivered as a lump sum when it is defeated and returns to you.

– A Pokemon’s Motivation goes down by 1 CP every 2 minutes that it’s in a Gym. If it’s above 3000cp, it losses 5cp every 2mins.

– Motivation doesn’t start off maxed out. You need to feed a Pokemon berries immediately after placing it in a gym.

– Feeding a berry to a Pokemon in a Gym increases its Motivation (heals it) and gives +20 Stardust. There is also a chance of getting a candy of that Pokemon’s type. It doesn’t have to be your Pokemon.

– There is a new badge called “Berry Master” that you get for feeding berries to friendly Pokemon in Gyms. I guess this is the new trainer badge.

– You can spin the disc of a Gym just like a Pokestop. This gives between 2 to 4 items items + 1 item extra if the Gym is the same Team as you. So put a Pokemon in the Gym before spinning it!

– Gym items can include the new rare items that were in the announcement. The exception is the “Raid Pass”, which isn’t in the game yet.

– The Pokemon GO+ device can’t spin Gyms automatically the way it does Pokestops.

– You can hold up to 20 gyms at once.

– You can’t add a Pokemon to a friendly Gym while it’s under attack.

– You can’t add a Pokemon to a Gym if there’s already a Pokemon of that type in there.

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